Thursday, February 20, 2014


I see all that's happening in and around the world, in different countries people fighting for freedoms.  These are the freedoms that we have, but take for granted.  We slowly give them up for what we and others think of as safety and equality.
I'm no philosopher, or deep thinker, I have been pondering this for awhile.
Because some people die by the gun, people, usually city people put forth a lament if we just ban guns we will be safe.  Safe from whom, the people with guns or the criminal who wishes to do you harm.  A child dies from an overdose of illegal drugs, the community stands together and calls for harder penalties for possession of illegal drugs, more people go to jail and another child dies of an overdose.  A person is forced to stand on a street corner, for food and rent.  They end up with a record and are branded, society feels safe.  The light of freedom starts to dim.
Because some race or religion feels the sting of hate, they stand together in a unified voice and say this is unfair and we need a law to protect us.  A pebble of freedom falls from the wall. 
Because some group is pounding the ground about what they feel is right or an injustice, yelling to the politicians to create a new law or regulation and the politician complies.  Another pillar of freedom is undermined, starts tilting and is in danger of falling.
Because a union worker does not want to work on the same site a non-union worker, a freedom is stepped on.  Not by the worker but by the policy created by the governing body to protect their own interests, a slow drip from the bucket of our freedoms.
Because the people we elect and the people they hire or appoint feel that they are entitled and above the ordinary person, they create rules for themselves, our freedoms slowly get subjugated.
Because someone will not stand up and say "that is their freedom and we have to protect it", another freedom slowly shrinks from view.
Because our freedoms are precious we have to protect them from the rot that is in my best interest.  We have to stand together and say "your freedoms are in our best interest".  I may not agree with you or you with me, the only way I can protect our freedoms is to stand up for yours.
Because our freedoms are basic, every rule, regulation and law, no matter how well intended, cause our freedoms to die a slow death of a thousand cuts.  As citizens we have to look at things, not as how they will affect me but as how they will affect my society as a whole.  If we keep going the way we are, we will be the next ones fighting in the streets to reclaim our freedoms that we gave away so easily.
Bill Runn